Update 1.9.2: Echoes of the Past is Now Available

7:16 AM willsterling23 1 Comments

Hey everyone! We wanted to let you know that Update 1.9.2 is now available on Steam! This update brings a lot of great new features that we are excited about. Let's dive into some of the content you can expect to see in this update.

Sea Hunter NPC

This update introduces a new quest giver in the world known as the Sea Hunter. Like the recent introduction of the Sea Scholar and Sea Fisher, the Sea Hunter will feature five quests that unlocks vendor items as you progress. Once those are completed, you'll be able to do a repeatable quest for a random rare loot drop. Each of these NPC's contains about eight new random loot drops from the repeatable quest, some of which are epic and at least one legendary. 

Pirate Graves

Salt is all about exploration and discovery, and so with this update we wanted to add in another new piece of content for you to discover: pirate graves. Throughout your adventures you will now find tombstones occasionally on islands with grave text and often times, buried treasure. The graves will have a chance to either have bronze, silver, gold, or a ceremonial lock box. These lock boxes can be opened with a key of the corresponding color and will contain a piece of loot. 

You probably already have some bronze, silver, or gold keys laying around, but with this update we've also introduced ceremonial keys. These keys will be used exclusively to open ceremonial lock boxes, which will contain a rare item. You can obtain these keys from various places throughout the world so stay on the lookout! 

Inventory and Crafting Changes

In addition to new content in the world, we've also made some adjustments to the inventory UI and the crafting system. For the inventory, we've added the ability to drag and drop items and the ability to sort your inventory by a few different filters. 

For the crafting system, we've now adjusted it to where when you craft multiple items, it will craft each item individually, gradually increasing the speed as it goes. We've also completely revamped the crafting discovery window to show you any and all recipes that can be made with the item in the crafting window. This will show you recipes you could potentially make but don't have all the required items for yet. This adds an almost quest-like element to the crafting discovery system that sends you out on the hunt for various items in order to craft something new. 

New Island Music

With this update you will now occasionally hear music while you are exploring islands. This music will only occur on large natural islands, so as not to interfere with combat and things of that nature. Our goal with this music is to be unobtrusive but add to the feeling of exploration and wonder when exploring islands. There will be new exclusive music for daytime island adventuring and for nighttime. 

Patch Notes

We've made a bunch of other small changes and fixes that you can read in the full list of patch notes below:
- Added a new NPC to be found in the world.
- Added pirate graves.
- You can now drag and drop items within the inventory. This allows you to sort it as you please.            Each inventory section can be sorted individually.
- Added a button to auto-sort your inventory.
- New music can occasionally play while exploring some islands.
- Added new recipe discovery features. When adding one or more crafting items to the crafting             window, all recipes which require those items appear in the recipes window. Recipes that need more   components than what is in the components window will be greyed-out (but still selectable). This       allows players to discover recipes that they may not have the required items for yet. Note that             although most recipes can be previewed, some "hidden" recipes will not appear at all in the crafting   interface until all components have been added. Only a very small number of recipes are hidden.
- The recipe list is now scrollable.
- Crafting multiple items will no longer happen all at once. Instead, each item will auto-craft                  individually, with each subsequent craft being faster.
- Changed method of acquiring bamboo poles. Players must now manually pick up rare, slightly            greener bamboo stalks that spawn in normal bamboo clusters. Running through them no longer has    any effect.
- Help menu items are now marked as seen as soon as its corresponding notification appears.
- Smoothed out transition between when the loading screen is done and play begins.
- Improved performance of some trees and foliage.
- Some NPCS who would spawn too close to the water and be submerged by tides have been moved      up the beach a bit.
- Changed "Armor" stats on some pieces of equipment to "Physical Armor".
- Bamboo and palm trees are now affected by wind.
- The Old Pirate Hat can no longer be looted multiple times.
- Fixed a bug that would allow for multiple applications of set bonus effects after death.
- Changed the way sea scholar final repeatable quest works.
- Fixed an error that would occur when trying to place a boat into a chest.
- Fixed map to cartographer and sea scholar not having a location.
- Fixed an uncommon error where pirate forts would be placed at the wrong location on an island.
- Fixed some deer hide recipes incorrectly stating the number of deer pelts required.
- Fixed the description on the White Deerhide Cloak to properly convey what it does.
- Fixed bug where multiple Sea Scholar NPCs would sometimes appear on the same island.
- Fixed description on Red Spotted Mushroom to indicate what it does when eaten.