Update 1.8 The King's Bounty Now Available!

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Update 1.8 is now available on Steam!

This update introduces a brand new pirate island which we call Tier 3 Pirate Islands. This islands come packed with of new content for you to discover and experience. You can read the patch notes here:


Here's some of what you can expect.

New Pirates

These are no ordinary pirate islands and as such contain no ordinary pirates. On these islands you'll find a set of new pirates called Pirate Elites. Within that set there are Brutes, Navigators, Herbalists, and Captain's. The new Pirate Elites are fairly difficult and will defend their island to the death. Killing enough of these elites will place a bounty on your head and will summon a Pirate Bounty Hunter that are even more tough than the Elites and drop some nice loot. 

Become a true pirate slayer and you may even summon a Pirate King...

New Look and Resources

In addition to new enemies you'll also find some new resources such as cobalt ore and pristine white flowers. These islands will look more "trimmed" than normal islands and be more open with less trees. You'll also find a pirate fort on the islands with a gold chest guarded by Elites. 

New Weapons, Armor, and Loot

With high level pirates also comes high level gear. We've added brand new weapons, armor, resources, lore books, and other items for you to loot from the new islands. This update also adds a couple new side quests you can find from merchants that will reward you with some good new gear! 

We are very excited about this update and hope you enjoy!

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)


Dev Update: Tier 3 Island Patch Dropping Next Week!

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Hey everyone! 

We hope you guys are all having some fun adventures in Salt this week. Today we just want to give you an update on some things coming up soon! 

Tier 3 Island Release

This week we've been working on knocking out bugs for the release of the Tier 3 Island Update. We are very excited about this update and can't wait to push it out to you guys! This patch introduces a brand new pirate island with tons of new weapons, gear, enemies, and even a pirate fort to raid. We plan on releasing this update early next week on Steam so stay on the lookout!

Main Quest Completion

In addition to working on finishing up the T3 islands, we've also been working on finalizing the main quest line. This involves adding a few more quests and things to do before reaching the final boss and completing the main quest. As you know, Salt is all about freedom and the main story of the game is completely optional. This is something we just wanted to have for those of you who want a sense of objective and completion to the game, while also enjoying the openness of the world.

You can currently progress a good ways through the main quest, and soon you'll be able to finish it! To get started, visit an Innkeeper and keep an eye on your quest journal. This update will likely come shortly after our T3 island update.

Multiplayer Implementation

Within the next couple months we're going to start working on multiplayer implementation. This will be a long but worthwhile endeavor that will open up an entirely new set of possibilities in Salt. We're very excited to start working on this and will keep you updated as we progress through that process. 

As always, thanks for playing Salt and let us hear your feedback!

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)



Tier 3 Pirate Islands Now On Steam Testing Branch!

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Hey everyone!

We have pushed the Tier 3 Pirate Island Update to the Steam testing branch. If you'd like to hop on that branch and help us find any last minute bugs, you can do so by following the instructions here:


This update adds a brand new pirate island with lots of different pirate types, resources, and new loot. You can read more about this in our last blog post.

Once we've got any last minute bugs knocked out and make sure there are no major issues, we'll be pushing to the public branch!

Thanks for playing and let us hear your feedback!

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)


Friday Dev Update: Tier 3 Pirate Islands Coming Soon!

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This week we've been hard at work finalizing our next update and preparing it for release. Our next update which feature a brand new pirate island, which we call tier 3 pirate islands. These will be some of the toughest islands in the game with a good variety of enemies and loot.

Here's a look at what you can expect so far.

A New Look

These islands will in general be more flat with less trees than normal. They will also have pirate forts where a lot of the pirates like to congregate. In addition to some new visuals, these islands will also contain some exclusive content like resources and gold chests.

New Loot

Not only with these new pirate islands contain new structures but they will also contain some really good new loot. In fact, this update we are introducing our first legendary items, but you'll have to figure out how to get those on your own...

New Enemies

These islands will introduce a band of pirates known as Pirate Elites. There will also be Captains and Bounty Hunters that will come after to you if you kill too many of their crew. With enough effort you might even enrage the Pirate King and get him to reveal himself.

New Quests

Merchants that spawn past the 50 unit mark in the world are also getting a couple new quests that involve these islands. They of course will have some good rewards to go along with the task involved. 

We are currently planning to push this update to the Steam testing branch early next week, so stay tuned!

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)