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Hey everyone!

Today we have released Salt out of early access! Again we want to thank everyone for your support and feedback throughout the early access process. We will still be supporting the game with bug fixes, balance changes, and other changes.

We have also recently pushed some new updates live. You can read the patch notes below for that update.

Again, thanks to everyone for your support and we hope you have a fun adventure in Salt!

Patch Notes - Update 2.0.0b17

- You can now scroll the map with WASD.
- The equipment set UI is no longer visible when trading.
- Dragged icons now render in front of the hot-bar when it is set to always show.
- increased transparency of collection particles.
- The chat window now fades out after a time of not receiving messages.
- Deer can no longer bump into other deer.
- Updated description on the guardian core.
- Moved the arrow count UI so that it doesn't overlap with the multiplayer icon.
- Changed offhand bobbing animation.
- You can now use any red lure in the crafting recipe for the pink lure.
- Removed collider in the hole in the back of ships with the maiden model so you can shoot cannons through them.
- Added craft-able compass stand.
- Added craft-able healing arrows for use in multiplayer.
- Added a collider to The Blacksmith's forge.
- Added an icon in item descriptions to indicate if the item has an associated visual when equipped.
- Added an option to turn off help notifications.
- Added editable macros that you can create to quickly say things in chat, as well as some default macros to do social gestures.
- Added an option to change your skin color in the avatar view.
- Added ability to change the sort behavior (page vs whole inventory) in the sort UI itself.
- Added option to reverse sorting order.
- Added help entry for equipment sets.
- Added music for Grent.


Salt Leaving Early Access Next Week!

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Ahoy Mateys!

We are very excited to announce that Salt will be leaving early access next week! We also wanted to let you know that the price will be increasing from $14.99 to $19.99 upon full release.

It has been a crazy journey over the past few years creating this adventure and an honor to have such a dedicated and helpful community. The overall response to the game has been incredibly positive and supportive and for that we are thankful.

If you don't know, we're a small team at Lavaboots of only three members. When we set out to make Salt we knew it would be a big task but we loved the idea of creating a massive world for players to explore. We knew early on that we wanted feedback and help from the community so we chose to release onto Steam Early Access. Since then Salt has changed a lot.

Here's a look at just some of things we've added since early access release:

- Main quest line
- Over 50 side quests
- Multiple quest characters 
- Merchants and mysterious places to discover 
- Hundreds of items, weapons, and armor
- Different island types
- New enemy types and wildlife
- Boss battles
- Secrets
- Multiple new ship types
- Weather 
- Multiplayer

In addition to that and a whole lot of other changes, we also added steam achievements, cloud saving, and a lot of polishing and bug fixes.

Next week we'll also be pushing a small update with some fun new changes including macros for emotes, a new ship, a mountable compass boat upgrade, healing arrows, and some bug fixes. We will also be keeping an eye out for new bugs and issues that arise and fixing those even after release.

Again, we are incredibly thankful for your support and are happy to finally be releasing Salt as a full game! Thank you for reading and thank you for participating in the journey.

- The Lavaboots Team