A Look Back At 2017

1:47 PM willsterling23 4 Comments

Ahoy Mateys!

2018 is here! We are excited for this year as we will be releasing Salt out of early access soon. We've been working on Salt for over three years now and we're pretty proud of where the game has gone. We are a small team (three members) and Salt was a pretty big game for us. It was also our first official game and we are excited to start working on new projects. Over the next few weeks we will be focused on general polishing, bug fixes, adding some additional content, and getting Salt ready for an official release.

Today I just want to go over some of the content we worked on last year. Overall, 2017 was a great year for Salt. Here's a look at some of the content we released this past year:


Perhaps our favorite update, multiplayer, finally came to Salt. Multiplayer was something that you all had been asking for for a long time and we were happy to finally be able to implement it. While it was challenging and came with a lot of hurdles to overcome, we are happy with how it turned out. Being able to sail the seas with your friends completely changed the way the game felt. There's something really fun about exploring an unknown world with others and sharing in the experience with your friends.

New NPCs and Discoverable places

Over the course of 2017 we added in multiple new NPCs along with a bunch of new quests and items. One of the first major updates included an NPC known as The Composer that allowed you to find or create musical instruments in the world. We also added in the Blacksmith, Sea Treasure Hunter, and the Sea Collector. In addition to the NPCs, we also added in some new places to find such as abandoned campsites and trader villages!

We've tried to put a lot of quests and things to find on islands in Salt so there will always be something else to do over the horizon! 


Another major update in 2017 was the introduction of weather. In that update we made a lot of new changes including new lighting, clouds, fog, and thunder storms. Weather in Salt really helped the world feel much more dynamic and created a nice sense of atmosphere. 

Additional Changes

In addition to the major updates listed above, we also worked a lot on polishing and adding other miscellaneous content. Here's a list of some other things we implemented in 2017: 

  • Steam cloud saving
  • Steam achievements
  • New music and audio changes
  • Sea Treasure
  • Birds
  • Challenge chests
  • Combat improvements (parrying)
  • Ship cannons
  • Player avatar and armor customization
  • Inventory and UI updates

The feedback of the community has been invaluable in the process of working on Salt. You all have had so many great ideas and have helped us make Salt into a much better game than we could have made alone. So thank you so much for your support! 

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for more updates on Salt's official release.