Update 1.8 The King's Bounty Now Available!

7:58 AM Will Sterling 0 Comments

Update 1.8 is now available on Steam!

This update introduces a brand new pirate island which we call Tier 3 Pirate Islands. This islands come packed with of new content for you to discover and experience. You can read the patch notes here:


Here's some of what you can expect.

New Pirates

These are no ordinary pirate islands and as such contain no ordinary pirates. On these islands you'll find a set of new pirates called Pirate Elites. Within that set there are Brutes, Navigators, Herbalists, and Captain's. The new Pirate Elites are fairly difficult and will defend their island to the death. Killing enough of these elites will place a bounty on your head and will summon a Pirate Bounty Hunter that are even more tough than the Elites and drop some nice loot. 

Become a true pirate slayer and you may even summon a Pirate King...

New Look and Resources

In addition to new enemies you'll also find some new resources such as cobalt ore and pristine white flowers. These islands will look more "trimmed" than normal islands and be more open with less trees. You'll also find a pirate fort on the islands with a gold chest guarded by Elites. 

New Weapons, Armor, and Loot

With high level pirates also comes high level gear. We've added brand new weapons, armor, resources, lore books, and other items for you to loot from the new islands. This update also adds a couple new side quests you can find from merchants that will reward you with some good new gear! 

We are very excited about this update and hope you enjoy!

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)