Friday Dev Update: Implementing the Story

10:54 AM Will Sterling 3 Comments

I love games with an interesting and mysterious story. It adds so much depth to a world to know that there is a reason behind the places and things you encounter. We want to ensure Salt has this sort of depth and also has a mystery to it.

Over the course of the next few weeks we'll be working to add in the first part of the main story in Salt. Today I want to talk about some of our ideas with the main story and how we are going to implement it.

Implementing in Segments

With Salt being in early access, we have to take an interesting approach to implementing the main story. Because of this, we've decided to implement the story in segments, or parts. This way you'll be able to complete a decent portion of the story, before coming to a close and waiting for the next update. We'll be sure and pick good stopping points in the story to ensure you progress in the main quest line, uncover some lore, and get nice rewards. 

Keeping it Optional

One of our main goals in Salt is to keep the game open. We want you to be able to play it however you want, and this same design goes for the story. If you wish, you will be completely free to ignore the main story and go about your business exploring. You won't be hindered by the story in any way but you will also benefit from doing the story through uncovering lore and getting particular rewards. 

Introduction of New Content

In addition to adding lore and mystery, the main story will also introduce new content. A large portion of this content will be playable even apart from the main story, so you don't feel like you are missing out by just setting out on your own. Content such as places, NPC's, and items will be in the world like normal for you to find. There will also be exclusive rewards for completing main quests. 

A Sense of Direction

One of our main goals with the story is to give you a sense of direction and to have an objective. Currently in Salt there aren't a lot of objectives apart from merchant quests. However, with the main story you will have this nice mixture of open and linear objectives to progress you farther along the story. As you progress, you will uncover the mysteries of the world and begin to discover the backstory of Salt. 

We are very excited to start implementing the main story and can't wait for players to uncover lore and mystery. These story updates are going to introduce a wide array of new content and depth for you to experience!

- Will Sterling (Game Audio and Design)


  1. Looking forward to the next update! I'm enjoying Salt so much, it's quickly reached No. 2 on my list of games to play. :-D

    1. Wow that's awesome. Really glad to hear you are liking it!

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