Friday Dev Update: Back in the Chair

1:43 PM Robert Gamble 6 Comments

We’re still hard at work on the GUI overhaul, and it’s coming along nicely. There are just a few more additions before we’re ready to put it on the testing branch. I don’t have any one particular topic I wanted to blog about this week, so I thought I’d just give you guys a general update on what’s been going on at Lavaboots Studios.

Progress on the GUI has been a little bit slower over the past couple of weeks because I was busy getting married! Everyone seemed to have a good time at the wedding, and nobody fainted, so I think it was a success. Now that all of that is over with and I’m back from the honeymoon, I’m back in the dev-seat and John doesn’t have to shoulder all the coding anymore. Which means, as of right now, we’re on track for releasing the new GUI to the testing branch in the near future! We’re all super excited about getting this update out to you all.

There are a few other things in the works here at Lavaboots, but they're not ready to be revealed just yet. Keep your eye on future blog posts for peeks at what's next!

- Robert Gamble (Game Design, Coding, Environmental Design)


  1. The picture displays 3 gauge meters. Is those Stamina, Food and Health? Will there be a number on enemies HP?

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  3. Oh and btw,- Congratulations! :D

  4. Congratulations!, is there going to be a minimap or quest markers? It's kinda awkward stumbling into a group of battlemasters after sneaking through all their chests! XD

  5. A minimap would be okay. But, I don't think I'd want quest markers. It would be nice if the quests would give you a general idea in Lat/Long though. GUI is looking nice. Hoping the text is in nice larger letters for those of us with aging eyes.