Friday Dev Update: New Models and New Island Coming

8:39 AM John Gamble 2 Comments

Hey everyone! In this blog post, I want to briefly cover our plans for the next update period.

New Models

New humanoid models have been a long time coming, and they are almost here! The old chaps left a lot to be desired, as they were created by someone whose primary strength is programming (me). Our goal with the updated models is to improve quality while somewhat maintaining the same “spirit” of the old ones, such as the stubby feet, soul piercing eyes, and general clothespin shape.

New Far Oceans Content

Our primary goal for the next major update is to add a new island type in the far oceans. This new island will include a new friendly npc, a new enemy, quests, items, and secrets. It will also serve to give the first of many future reasons to travel into the far oceans.

New Close Content

In addition to the new island type, we will be adding a new type of structure that can be found throughout the world. Along with this, of course, will come new items.

New Rendering Pipeline

We are also upgrading the way rendering of the world works behind-the-scenes. From our testing so far, this has provided a graphical performance increase.

You can expect the new models, pipeline, and likely the new close content to be released in a smaller patch before the next major one. We are looking super forward to getting these updates out to you guys!

- John Gamble (Lead Developer)