This Week at Lavaboots: Final Boss, Multiplayer, and Sea Hunters

8:20 AM Will Sterling 2 Comments

Ahoy everyone!

It's been a crazy couple weeks at Lavaboots, but we are super excited about some upcoming updates! First off, thank you all so much for your support of Salt and continuing interest in our game. We couldn't have made it without you all and we are looking forward to bringing you the best game we can make.

Today I want to talk about some content coming up and the plans for the next few months.

Final Boss

The next update is going to feature the remainder of the main quest line. This will include multiple new quests, rewards, and of course an end game boss. We've heard your feedback that you want more interesting boss mechanics and so John has been hard at work on this final boss. I have to say, it's looking really good so far and is going to have some fun and challenging mechanics. It's by far our best boss battle yet and we're excited for you to experience it! 


Once this next update is out, we are going to start work on multiplayer. As we've said before this will be a long endeavor and we aren't exactly sure just yet how long it will take. We will know more once we actually dive into the implementation process and can get a better idea of the time required to get it fully working. However, since multiplayer is going to take up a lot of development time, we didn't want months and months to go on without any updates while you are waiting for multiplayer. So one of our goals is to do a few smaller updates throughout the process of multiplayer implementation. This way you will still have new content to look forward to even while we are working on multiplayer. 

These updates will include bug fixes, polishes, and adding new content. One such content update will be the introduction of what we are calling Sea Hunters. 

Sea Hunters

I don't want to go too into too much detail about this update since it's in the early stages, but one thing we are working on is the introduction of a new NPC known as the Sea Hunter. This NPC will have different ranks that are unlocked by leveling up weapons he gives you and turning them into him. Once you unlock a rank, you get access to that rank's inventory which includes new armor, weapons, and other items you can buy. 

Once you hit his max rank, you then will earn a Sea Hunters Badge which will allow you to loot tokens from high level enemies. Once you turn in so many tokens, you'll be rewarded with a random really nice item. 

As I said, this NPC is in the early stages of development and is subject to change, but this is one update idea we'd like to add in during multiplayer. 

Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for more info on the next update!

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)