Update 1.9.1 - Sailor's Delight is Now Available!

7:25 AM Will Sterling 4 Comments

Update 1.9.1 is now available for download! We are very excited for this update as it includes a lot of good new changes for Salt, as well as new content for you to experience.

World Changes Overview

The distribution of islands and the content that they contain has changed. This is an optional upgrade for current saved games. With the addition of new content and island types throughout development, the distribution of islands and content has been something we want to re-balance. For example, some island types have become rarer than intended, while others too common. Also, it is often the case during play that you run into many islands in a row with very little content of interest then run across a single island with tons of content. All of this combined would occasionally cause unlucky players to play for long periods of time without the chance to experience exciting content. It is for this reason that we wanted to do some re-balancing.

These world changes are not automatically applied to existing saves. You can manually upgrade these saves by pressing the upgrade button next to each existing save file in the "Load" menu. If you have spent time mapping the world, note that this will render your map inaccurate as the placement of islands will change. However, if you have had the Cartographer NPC check your map, the game will offer to automatically populate a portion of your map for you based on how much and accurately you filled out your previous map.

Patch Notes:

Island Distribution
- The chance for each island type to appear has been adjusted.
- How far away from the origin certain island types can appear has also been adjusted.
- Removed the too-vast expanses of ocean that could appear past 50 units away from the origin.

Island Content
Spread out the content among islands so that you are now less likely to encounter many islands in a row without special content.

New Help Interface
Replaced the old help book with a new help interface to make it easier to reference the topic you are looking for. Additionally, added pop-up notifications to direct new players towards particular help sections as they encounter related content.

New NPCs
Added two new friendly characters to find in the world. Each offers a number of new quest and items to obtain.

Other Changes
- Nearby dead enemies will no longer block you from saving the game.
- Changed the way campfires and flags save their positions internally to reduce bloat in the registry.
- Made question mark on merchant interfaces pulse to make it more noticeable.
- Added close button to NPC dialog window
- Fixed a bug where money would be given to the player when an NPC's wares would update due to a   quest completion while the wares were visible.
- Fixed money count in player equipment window not always updating properly when selling items.
- Merchant inventories now start out scrolled to the top.
- Increased the chance of named king challengers to appear.
- Slightly improved map performance.
- The whole number portion of the precise sextant's location now matches the normal sextant.


For those of you waiting on multiplayer, don't worry. It is under development. This is one of a few smaller updates to be released during the multiplayer development period.


  1. may i ask but are you planning to make salt saves to be moved into steam cloud or make moving saves easier so you can play your saves everywhere cause moving saves from other pc's to others is currently really difficult

    1. Yes we will be adding steam cloud saving if possible! This is something we are currently looking into along with the multiplayer implementation.