Update 1.9.2 Preview

8:47 AM Will Sterling 0 Comments

island sunrise with scimitar

Today we wanted to give you a guys a brief preview of some of the content you can expect in the next update. We are still working hard on multiplayer implementation, and that is coming along well. As we've stated before, we want to release smaller content updates during the process of multiplayer and this will be another one of those updates.

Here are some things you can expect in the next patch:

Sea Hunter

salt sea hunter npc inventory

In our most recent update, we added in two new NPCs known as the Sea Scholar and the Sea Fisher. With this update, we'll be adding in another new NPC known as the Sea Hunter. Like the other characters, he will feature five quests that allow you to rank up and unlock new vendor gear. After completing his ranked quests, you will then be able to do a repeatable quest for a random drop of rare gear. 

NPC Graves

Salt npc and pirate graves

This update will also include new content you can discover throughout the world known as NPC Graves. These will be the tombstones of old pirates, captains, and other various characters. With most of the graves you will be able to read a small bit about the character and how they died. Occasionally these grave sites with contain buried treasure in the form of a bronze, silver, gold, or a ceremonial lockbox. You will need keys to open these lockboxes and they will obtain unique and rare loot. 

Island Music

Although music primarily only occurs at sea, we are about to introduce new music for large natural islands. In Salt, we've always made a conscious choice not to bombard the player with music every step of the way. We wanted the natural ambience and atmosphere of the world to immerse the player and we felt that too much music could take away from that. After some recent discussion though, we've decided to add in some occasional music that can play on large natural islands. On these islands you often have some downtime since they are fairly large and don't contain pirates. We thought music might fit these nicely and so you can expect some new unique music for both day and night exploration on these islands.

We are very excited for the next update and can't wait for you to go after some of the new content we've been working on! As always, we would love to hear your feedback.