Update 1.9.3 - Cloud Saving

8:56 AM Will Sterling 1 Comments

With this update we are introducing Steam Cloud saving, as well as some new content and bug fixes! Let's dive into what you can expect from this update.

Steam Cloud Saving

Salt now takes advantage of the Steam Cloud for storing save data files. Steam will automatically handle uploading and downloading your latest save file data between computers. Along with this, when the game saves data has been altered slightly. Your inventory and other certain game states are no longer saved constantly. Instead, the state of the game will save both when you manually save, and periodically as an auto-save. By default, loading a game will load the most recent save, but you can chose to load the last manual or last autosave by clicking on the gear icon next to the save slot in the Load menu.

A side effect of the save changes is that the game now requires Steam to be running. However, this does not mean it requires an internet connection as it will work just fine when Steam is in offline mode.

Your current save files will automatically be converted to use the steam cloud. No action is required on your part.

New Items

With this update we've also added in some new armor, items, and lore to various places. You can now find new armor sets in both hunting shacks and ancient chests. We've also added a new epic weapon that requires a full set of the new armor to find. In addition to that, we've added some new items to pirate chests and added some new lore books in the game. 

New Quest

This update also includes a new quest line involving the search for a mysterious jewel. There's an item that can be found somewhere in the world that will trigger this quest line when turned in. As with most quests, you'll find yourself going to various islands, defeating some tough enemies, and even uncovering new lore and items. 

Battle Music

While we do have boss music in the game, we wanted to add some music for fighting tougher than normal enemies that aren't quite bosses. Now when you encounter any pirate captains or commanders, you will have some music to go along with your battle!

Change List

Integrated saving with the Steam Cloud.
Improved appearance of informational popup messages.
Added new battle music for pirate captains, named captains, and commanders
Replaced some ambient sounds with smoother looping versions.
Added a new armor set to hunting shacks.
Added a new armor set to ancient chests.
Added new items to bronze and silver pirate chests.
Added new lore books to hunting shacks.
Added a new quest line with new items and lore.
Increased the drop rate of ceremonial keys from cultists from 8 to 10%.
Fixed some items having the Armor stat instead of Physical Armor.
Fixed some recipe descriptions.
Fixed missing texture on augmented moonrock sword.
Fixed poacher’s lure. It can now be equipped as bait.
White ink no longer requires a red flower to craft.
Made bamboo on jungle islands consistent with other islands.

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  1. Yes this is what i asked for a while ago Thanks guys for adding the steam cloud also keep up your great work thanks :)