Three Fun Things To Try In Salt

11:21 AM Will Sterling 3 Comments

In Salt, there's the obvious things to do: sail, fight pirates, quest, and general adventuring. However, we've tried to sprinkle in a few fun and interesting things in the game. Today I want to go over three things you should try in Salt if you haven't already!

Number 1: Use Bombs

If you haven't yet, you should try using bombs. You can craft bombs using hardstone ore, volatile ore, cloth, and a plant fiber, or you can find them by fishing up flotsam or buying them from a merchant. Bombs are useful for a number of things, including taking down pirates. Do be careful when using them though as they have an area of effect damage that can hurt you if you are too close! 

Oh yeah, and fireworks...

Number 2: Climb A Really Tall Mountain

Sometimes in Salt you'll come across an island with a really tall mountain. It can be a fun challenge to try to make it to the top, and if you are having trouble you can use climbing potions or a climbing rope to help you scale the steep parts. Plus, tall areas of the game have an exclusive flower type called a hightop bloom that can be used to make a potion with strength capabilities!

Number 3: Glide Like A Bird

If you haven't found him yet, there's a big bird in the game that rarely spawns called "Old Blue." He has a chance to drop a nice cloak that gives you the ability to glide. This can be particularly fun to do from a tall mountain. Plus you can shoot arrows or drop bombs while gliding. 

Well there you have it. Three fun things to do in Salt you might not have tried. But what about you? What do you like to do in Salt? 


  1. This was a neat article; would love to see more like this in the future!

  2. Thanks! We'll try to come up with some more unique blog ideas like this.

  3. well i once killed the old Blue i didn't get the cloack ;/