The Multiplayer Update is Now Available For Testing!

12:41 PM willsterling23 3 Comments

Hey everyone!

Get ready to explore the world of Salt with your friends and go on a pirate adventure! We wanted to let you know that you can now help us test out the multiplayer update! We are releasing the update on a special multiplayer branch and we want you to help us test and find last minute bugs before an official release of the update.

This update not only includes cooperative multiplayer, but also some other new additions such as NPC villages, bug fixes, and a lot of balancing changes. We are so excited to finally be at this point in multiplayer development and want to thank you all for your patience.

Here is how to access the multiplayer branch:

- Right click Salt in your Steam library and select "Properties".
- Select the "BETAS" tab at the top of the properties window.
- Enter the access code "playwithfriends"
- Select "multiplayertesting" from the drop down list.

Once you are in the main menu, you can click on the friends icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and invite your friends to play with you!

Current Patch Notes: 

- Added multiplayer.
- Added trader villages.
- Added a new npc that can spawn in high places.
- Spiders can now drop Adventurer's Satchels, which contain some loot.
- Improved gamepad UI navigation.
- Adjusted stats on some items.
- Adjusted drop chances on some items.
- Changed the item icons for some items.
- Added new items to some loot tables.
- Added a new rope sound when you use climbing ropes.
- Fixed an issue where certain meal buffs could be stacked.
- The Jungle Fisherman and Huntsman are now both a guaranteed spawn on jungle islands.
- Added strong plant fibers as a possible drop from some crates.
- Deer and tigers now change orientation based on the slope of the terrain.
- Lowered the cost of the maiden ships from the sea collector slightly.
- The windy sail item is being phased out of the game. If you have one one your boat, it will automatically remove it and give you a replacement item.
- Lenvell should now be in an inn when he is needed.
- Fixed a bug where lenvell would fail to tell you a location.
- Added a new icon to an item's description to let you know that it cannot be traded or sold.
- Torches no longer burn down while resting.
- Added a new hotkey (T by default) which equips/unequips a torch if you have one.
- You can now rest at the starting island campfire.
- Reduced lag spikes that would sometimes occur when looting an item.
- Updated one of the ambient sounds to reduce the intensity of a bird chirp.
- Increased the chance for some enemies to drop health potions and bandages.
- Added recipe to craft bandages from spider silk.
- Increased capacity of crates from 5 to 12.
- Fixed a bug where deer challenge chests would sometimes open before killing all the deer on the island.
- Fixed a bug where jungle challenge chests would not spawn.
- Made all NPC campfires not burn out.
- Fixed npcs not navigating around some ruins properly.


  1. Heck yeah this is what everyone have been waiting for

  2. Great job guys , well done. It's amazing how far your game has come. Now I just have to find some time to check it out!

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