Friday Dev Update: New GUI Coming Soon

2:39 PM John Gamble 3 Comments

With update 1.4 released, I want to let you all know what you can expect for the future. The next three major goals are:

  1. Upgrade the Salt project to Unity 5
  2. Overhaul the GUI
  3. Add full controller support

Upgrading to Unity 5

The upgrade to the latest version of Unity will likely come with some performance improvements as well as some small visual changes and fixes. It also just feels good to be running on the latest version of the engine. There are a number of small obstacles to overcome to make the switch, but that work is already underway and is going fairly smoothly so far.

The New GUI

Whether you love or hate the current GUI, it has always been intended to be replaced one day. Now is the time, and I can’t wait to dive into it. Our goal with it is for it to be snappy and easy to use. We also want to keep it out of your way as much as possible when you are running around, but, at the same time, have some depth when necessary. As we progress with it, we’ll release pictures and ask for feedback from players.

Controller Support

The main thing holding us back from controller support currently is the fact that it doesn’t work with our interface. Since we are re-doing the GUI, we can design it from the ground up with controller support in mind. At the same time, we don’t want to handicap those that don’t want to use a controller. You can likely expect some form of hybrid GUI control scheme in which you can still make proper use of the mouse.

Along with these main additions, expect to see some more content added and bugs fixed as usual. I’m very excited to get working on this next update, and I’ll keep you all posted with our progress.

- John Gamble (Lead Developer)


  1. I love the update, only played about an hour in 1.4, so I haven't seen alot, but I like what I have seen. Especially the new hardwood skin, and the apparent abundance of wood logs to find now, which is much better. Keep up the great work!

  2. Getting ready to play the new update.

    One reason this game will be a success is because you ask for opinions from your users. I can't think of many other games I've played that will ask their players what they think.

  3. I suggest to not make a too complex GUI: stay raw. I love the current GUI because it recalls me of the one used in the Gothic series (simple and a bit confusing, like a common adventurer bag should be; I like if I have to search for my food and panic-clicking while low hp all the flasks I see).
    Also I wanted to ask if you are going to add a character panel with stats (crit, adornment, health, etc).
    PS. That Leeroy Jenkins reference in the new patch made me smile! Add more; references are, imo, part of the recipe that goes under the title "Great game".
    I'm sure you have lots of brilliant ideas so I'll stop here (for the moment).
    Keep going!