Friday Dev Update: Progress on the Story Patch

7:57 AM Will Sterling 4 Comments

This next patch is perhaps the most excited I've been for an update so far. We've got a whole bunch of new content coming in the next update and we absolutely cannot wait for players to experience it. We are still working hard on the patch, but we wanted to give you all an update on what's going on and some of the content you can expect to see when it arrives.

The Main Quest

One of the main features of this next update is the main quest. We are implementing the first portion of the main quest for you to experience and then we'll add more later in development. We've decided to do it this way instead of implementing the entire story at once, so as to slowly introduce new content. We've also picked good stopping points during the story so you don't feel like you are in the middle of an important quest, only to have to wait for another update.

Adding the main quest is going to give a real sense of objective in Salt. Although there are currently side quests given out by npc's like merchants, we really wanted some more meaty quests that were chained together and had depth. As we implement the main quest we are trying to utilize different quest types as well so it doesn't get too repetitive. We would love to hear your feedback in this area as to what types of quests you'd like to see!

Story and Lore

In addition to an overall sense of objective, we wanted to introduce some lore and backstory to the world. The main way this will be implemented in this update is through discussion with npc's and lore books. I am particularly excited about the lore books since they not only hint to the backstory of Salt, but also give you interesting tid bits of information about people and items in the world. This update will include a lot of lore books for you to find in various ways. Eventually we'd like to make a bookshelf that you can place on your ship and store all of the lore books you find! We'll also be adding more and more ways to discover the backstory as the game develops. 


One feature of this next patch that is going to be a lot of fun are inns. With this next update, you'll be able to find inns throughout the world with an innkeeper and beds. You'll be able to discuss things with the innkeeper but we are going to keep most of that secret for now. Be on the lookout for a cozy inn in the next patch! 

New Enemies, Weapons, and Armor

In the next update there will also be a new enemy npc. We aren't going to tell you who or what they are yet, as we want you to discover that for yourself. We think you'll like them tough. In addition to the new enemies there will also be new weapons and armor for you to find throughout the world.

Resource Changes

Another large feature of this next update is our new resource system. Robert has been working hard on this one and we are real excited to get it implemented. This new system introduces a sense of logic to the items you find in the world. For example, if you are traveling through an area with tons of trees, then you will be much more likely to find wood logs on the ground. If you are traveling in a big open field, you will be more likely to find plants and flowers. This adds a sense of "learning" to the world and gives you an idea of where to look for things. 

We are very excited to push this next update out and we promise it will be out as soon as possible! We are currently finishing up the main story and polishing some of the new content before we push. In the mean time, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions! 

- Will Sterling (Game Design and Audio)


  1. Looking forward to the update! I'm not sure what kind of quests I'd like to see implemented in Salt, other than something more challenging than finding buried treasure for lazy treasure hunters, lol. I will definitely be thinking about this when I see the quests in this upcoming update, and add my two cents here. I know I'd like to see some sort of "player journal" implemented in the game so that you could write down details of your travels so that you could then look back and find important things you'd like to remember. A sort of "Captain's log".

  2. Maybe an npc who works for the government , he can ask for help. Maybe we have to go to an specific location and kill someone. Or he can tell us about a ship with some prisioners that we have to free. Or we have to cook an specific recipe. Maybe we take a letter from one place to another. =)

  3. I'd love to see hunting quests. And in a related idea I'd love to see a variety of usable traps. Pit traps, snares, and cage traps.

  4. Some kinds of quests where you have to get a complete set of some book series, or maybe like Tajlund said, hunting quests where you need to find some kind of rare animal and bring a trophy back for the NPC issuing the quest. Basically, quests that aren't quite "You're here, no go to this spot and do this one task and come back" but more of a "While you're out being an awesome pirate slayer, keep an eye out for this thing. Find it, and I'll give you a sweet reward."