Friday Dev Update: Jungles, Ships, and Maps, Oh My!

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Hello fellow seafarers!

We hope you all are enjoying the recent jungle island update. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to log in Steam or the patcher and download it! This recent update features a ton of new content. (You can read the patch notes here: Update 1.6 Patch Notes)

In this update we've added two new npc’s: The Fisherman and The Huntsman. Both of these new fellas have a set of new quests and items to trade for. We also added in tigers and poachers which are exclusive to jungle islands, as well as some new bosses and goodies. Remember that these jungles only start spawning around 50 units out, so you’ll need to armor up and head into the deep seas to find them. If you still are having trouble finding them, remember you can ask the innkeeper for directions (for a price of course.)

New Ships

I think we need more sails. 

Now that the jungle update is pushed and complete, we are working on rigging up the new ship models to replace the old ships. John talked about this a few weeks ago in a blog post, but in case you missed it, here’s the gist of it.

We are replacing some of the older boat models with new, much improved models. On the current replacement list is the Maiden, Pardon Pusher, and Abandoned Ship. The raft and regular sailboat will stay the same. In addition to replacing these boats, we’ve also got some new color variations that we will add in soon, including new ways to obtain these new ships.

If you haven’t seen what the new models look like, you can view some screenshots of them here:

We think they look pretty awesome and are very excited for you to sail and decorate them!

In order for the new ships to be implemented, some work must be done. First on the list was creating a way to recover all of your ship upgrades/customizations from your old ship and replace them on your new ship. Since the models vary in size, the locations of your upgrades would have been all askew, and so we had to rig up a system to do this. John finished this up recently and this feature is actually available now, but will be primarily useful once the new ships are implemented.

Gotta love an x ray of a boat. 

Right now we are in the process of rigging up the new ships with colliders and making sure their physics are correct. This will ensure they float correctly and things of that nature. Once that is done, we will test them and release them for you to sail yourselves!


Once the new boat models are in, we will begin work on our upcoming cartography update. This is something that has long been missing in Salt, and we are very excited to finally begin implementation of this. We are still in the process of laying the design foundation for the update and figuring out exactly how it’s going to work, but the general idea is to allow you to create your own charts in game, adding information about the islands you visit and so forth.

We would love your feedback and ideas about this upcoming patch and we’ll be keeping you up to date as we progress along it.

Thanks for reading and as always, we would love to hear your feedback on any of the current content in the game or upcoming content. Cheers!

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