Update 1.6 Blood Jungle Now Available

7:24 AM Will Sterling 0 Comments

Hey everyone! 

First off, thanks to all who helped us during testing with this update. We always love your feedback and help polishing up updates before official release. 

We have now officially pushed Update 1.6 for all to play. This is one of our biggest updates yet featuring a ton of new content. We've added a brand new island type, the jungle island, with multiple new enemy types, new wildlife, new traders and npc's, new resources, new fish, quests, weapons and armor, and secrets! We've also made a lot more balancing changes and fixes as well throughout this update. 

You can read the patch notes here: 


These jungle islands are our first content exclusive to the deep seas as well. This means you'll have to travel far out into the ocean to start finding these islands, and they will be quite tough as well! We hope you enjoy them and as always we would love to hear your feedback!