Dev Update: Testing the Jungle

5:36 AM Will Sterling 5 Comments

Hey everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that our latest update (Update 1.6 - Blood Jungle) is now available on the Steam testing branch. If you'd like to opt into the testing branch and help us knock out any last minute bugs, here's how you can access it:

Accessing the Steam Testing Branch

This update includes a ton of new content including a new jungle island with new wildlife, enemies, npcs, quests, items, and mysteries to explore!

Keep in mind that these islands can only be found in the deep ocean, so you'll need to voyage out to at least the 50 degree mark before they start popping up.

Happy adventuring!

- Will Sterling (Game Design and Sound Lead)


  1. Nice! I think I will wait for the stable release.

  2. you really need to make things more reliable. for I find myself searching for hours and hours for your stinking jungle island with no islands spawning. im out at 53 East, 69 North, and still nothing. I could be having dinner with my family right now, and instead I'm wasting time searching for a jungle island that's just gonna randomly spawn anyway, and I'm starving to death. fix your spawn chances. you make it too hard and nobody is going to play this freaking game.

    1. Calm down jerry, its just a game, and its not even a full release.

  3. Valuable information and excellent design you got here! Jungle Island is an interactive zoological park where you can meet some of nature's most amazing creatures