Friday Dev Update - Blood Jungle On Testing

9:29 AM John Gamble 2 Comments

Update 1.6 - Blood Jungle was released on the Steam testing branch last Friday! Thank you to all of you testing branch adventurers who brave the bugs to help us polish Salt in its roughest moments. Sometimes you endure tragic crashes, while other times you reap the rewards of herds of infinite incoherent deer. Whether your reward is pain or plunder, we greatly appreciate your help.

This will be a fairly short blog post just as an update. This week I have been working with our generous testers to polish up the patch for full release. During the downtime while recent changes are being tested, I have started working on the next mini-patch, which will replace the old boat models with new ones.

When the new boat models go in, your current boat furniture and upgrades will be who knows where - in walls, under the floor, floating in the open. So, the first order of business is to create the ability for players to recover all of their placed boat upgrades from a given boat. This will be accomplished by inspecting the boat item from your inventory, and clicking a new button that will be there.

Once that boat upgrade recovery system is in place, then I can begin setting up the colliders and floating functionality of the new boats. Finally, I’ll test them and release them to the testing branch as per the normal process. The models that will be replaced will be the abandoned pirate ship, the pardon pusher, and the maiden. The small sail boat and raft will remain as they were before.

Once that mini-patch is pushed, we will start full development of the mapping/cartography system. This is one that I have very much looked forward to for quite a while, and I think it will make a big difference in the game.

If there are no more major issues, you can expect the Blood Jungle update to make its full release next week.

- John Gamble (Lead Developer)