Community Feedback: Journals, Weapon Rebalancing, and More

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Ahoy mateys!

Throughout the development process you all have given us some fantastic suggestions and helped us shape the game into something better than we could do on our own. We want to make sure you know your voice is heard, and so every now again we’re going to round up some suggestions, questions, and general feedback, and respond to it in a blog post.

Player Journal

This suggestion comes from Poser Nutbag on the steam forums.

“First off, compliments to you, this is an incredible project. I have been digging this game the past few days. It's a great way to spend a winter night. I can almost smell the summer ocean breeze. My biggest suggestion would be an in game journal of sorts (apologies if this has been suggested, 65 pages is a lot to read through). The compass and sextant are great tools, but I find myself having to keep alt tabbing out or write on a piece of paper to remember coordinates and the like, which isn't cool, it takes a lot of the submersion out.”

So you may know that we are currently working on a cartography update. As part of this update, John just added in the functionality for inputting text in the game. This functionality is going to be additionally useful for journals, jotting down your own notes, stories, or whatever you want!

Weapon Rebalancing

This suggestion comes from user Judgement50.

“I am one of the early beta testers...still LOVING the game, but I feel that many of the weapons just are too underpowered to be used. I believe that the aspect of an RPG-style-leveling up system should be taken into account for the player. A simple one would be great to test out and we could give a ton of feedback. Please take this into consideration and I would love it if I could get some DEV-feedback on this!”

We agree completely that there needs to be some rebalancing in weapons, and other areas as well. Since we’ve kind of just been adding weapons and armor in as we go along, it’s been a bit difficult to keep a cohesive balance to everything. So, one of our goals is to take a look at all of the current weapons and armor in the game, and make sure that the stats fit accordingly with its rarity, weapon/armor type, etc. That being said, this is something that will come a little bit later. Right now our primary focus is to get the major content implemented into the game. We then want to polish a lot of areas such as stat rebalancing.

Grass, Anti-Aliasing, and Pirate Trading

This feedback from Trumpkin Pie.

“I would like to see a lot denser and taller grass! Some aliasing options would be nice. The ability to trade with pirates or just be peaceful with them.”

One thing we want to do before all is said and done is provide more graphics options. This will include more options in areas like anti aliasing, as well as possibly increased grass rendering options. As for pirate trading, we hadn’t really thought of that but we do have the functionality to do it. It remains on the discussion table for now.

Well, that’s it for this week! Thanks for reading and remember if you have a suggestion, there is a thread on the Steam forums specifically for that. We read these threads and keep track of new and recurring suggestions so we can make Salt the best game it can be.

Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)