Screenshot of the Week

10:13 AM Will Sterling 0 Comments

Ahoy fellow pirates!

Every once in a while we pick three of our favorite screenshots taken by Salt players and vote on which ones we like best. We then a pick a winner, first runner up, and second runner up. If you ever want to enter your screenshot into the contest, just post them on the Steam forums, subreddit, or send us a link on social media.

This Week's Winner

Now, without further ado, this week's winner goes to MASH. MASH took a beautiful screenshot while exploring the seas on his repaired pirate ship. Here is his screenshot!

First Runner Up

Our First Runner Up Award goes to DOGG. DOGG snapped this beauty as the sun was going down, while he was traveling in his sailboat approaching an abandoned pirate ship. 

Second Runner Up

Our Second Runner Up Award goes to TEX. TEX took this relaxing screenshot of some palm trees looking up at the sun. Makes me want to go lay on a beach on somewhere. 

We love to see your adventures and all the screenshots you take. Remember you can use F9 (or F12 if running Steam) to take a screenshot. Also, don't forget to press F1 to hide your HUD. This can make the screenshots look a little cleaner, depending on what you are going for.