Friday Dev Update: Cartography Patch Coming Soon

9:05 AM Will Sterling 2 Comments

Hey everyone!

We just wanted you to give you a quick update on our Cartography Patch and when that will be releasing.

Cartography Release Date

We are currently finishing up the mechanics and visuals of the cartography system this week and early next week. Our goal is to have it out to testing branch by late next week! Once it's on testing branch and we hammer out any last minute bugs you find, we'll push it to public shortly after.

We are very excited to finally have an in-game cartography system and can't wait for you to start mapping your worlds and sharing them with others!

Controller Functionality Changes

This week we've also been working on controller support for some upcoming features such as the map and player journal. We needed to free up some buttons on the controller, so we've changed the way you retrieve items from storage containers. Currently we have that set as a separate button, but we going to change that to where you hold the interact button. This is more intuitive and will work with other systems in the future.

Thanks for reading and as always let us know your thoughts!

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)


  1. Awesome! Just bought your game and after a few days playing i am already very excited to hear about some maps! I can't even imagine how the other players who've been playing for months will feel :D

    Good job, keep going!

  2. I have surpassed 200 hours into the game.. Don't need to say much more..