Player and Quest Journal Available on Testing Branch

11:13 AM Will Sterling 3 Comments

Ahoy Mateys!

We have just pushed the new quest and player journal to the testing branch. The cartography and map system still has some kinks we are knocking out before it's ready for testing, but we figured we would go ahead and push the journal for you to try!

If you aren't on the testing branch already, you can opt in by following the instructions here:

Testing Branch Instructions

Let me go over briefly some of the features you can expect to find in the player journal.

Journal Entries

One major feature of the new player journal is of course the ability to add your own entries! To open up your journal, you can press "J" or press "Esc" and click on the journal section of the menu. Once in the journal you can create an entry on any page and create sections as well with entries or more sections within them. This can be useful for noting down coordinates or any other information you find useful! You can edit and delete these entries also.

Quest Journal

The quest section of the player journal updates with entries as you get new quests. For example, you can start the main quest line by reading the strange journal in your inventory. This will add a quest title and entry within that title giving you an idea on what you need to do next. This portion of the journal will track main quests and merchant quests. 

Please let us know any bugs or issues you find with the journal so we can fix that up before public release! Cartography should be coming to the testing branch soon as well. We are finishing that up currently and getting it ready for player testing. 

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)


  1. Thank you! Looks great! (Btw, tell John to check his Reddit inbox from me)