Update 1.9 Heading to Testing Branch Next Week

6:30 AM Will Sterling 3 Comments


Next week we will be pushing our next patch, Update 1.9 to the Steam testing branch! This update is going to introduce new quests, new items, and an end game boss. We are excited to release this update and will definitely need your help working out any bugs in the quests or the final boss before official release.

Stay tuned next week for this update to hit the testing branch!


  1. Could you add a date to your post? I never know if this is the one from this week or from the previous one. :)
    Anyway, continue this amazing work!!!

    1. Good idea! I wish it showed the date somewhere in the subtitle or something. I'll start adding them somewhere in the post. Thanks!

  2. when i tried the demo , i got hooked to this game .
    one thing that got me a bit turned of is the fat bulky npc .
    i liked the original better , would it still be possible to make modest there sizes .
    like there hands and waist are to fat and take away that what sold me to the game .

    keep up the good work still like to sale the salty waters of salt

    greets daimen