Update 1.9 - The Summoning is Now Available!

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Hello everyone!

You can now download Update 1.9 - The Summoning on Steam. This update includes a lot of new changes, particularly to the main story which we'll talk about below. Also, now that Update 1.9 is out, we have begun work on multiplayer! We'll talk more about that later as well as some updates you can expect during the multiplayer implementation process.

New Quests

Our main goal for this update was to finish implementing the remaining main story quest line. Although Salt is a game about freedom and playing at your own pace, we did want an optional story line in the game for players who enjoy that. And so we began working on designing a story with quests and rewards based around a main story. Until this update, you could only progress through the story up to a certain point. Now we've added the remaining quests needed to complete the story so you can journey all the way to the end boss. 

Some of the new quests are going to take you to different island types, on the search for new mysterious items, and even involve a boss fight. If you haven't played the story or don't remember what's going on, a good place to start is to check your quest journal. If you open up your journal and look at the quests tab, that should give you a good idea of where you are. If you haven't even started the main story, the first step is to speak to The Innkeeper. 

New Boss

Once you've made your way through the last remaining quests, you will be tasked with fighting a very difficult but rewarding boss. We've put a lot of work into this boss fight and are very excited for you to experience it! We've even made it so the boss fight is repeatable and you can get different loot drops by defeating the boss in different ways. 

Legendary Loot

If you can prove yourself worthy of defeating the final boss, you will be rewarded with brand new legendary gear. These items have some really unique and powerful effects that we think you will enjoy. 

This update also includes some bug fixes and things of that nature. Now that this update is out, we are beginning work on multiplayer! We will talk a bit more about this later, but this is going to be a large update that will take a good bit of time and design work. Our goal is to keep you informed as often as possible about our progress, but also to release some smaller updates throughout the process so you'll have some new content to play while waiting on multiplayer. 

Thanks for reading and as always we'd love to hear your feedback! 

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)

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