This Week at Lavaboots: Birds!

7:47 AM Will Sterling 1 Comments

Hey everyone!

We're still working hard on the next update and expect to have it out on the testing branch soon! This week we started working on implementing a new feature we are very excited about: birds! We've also been working on some new quest related NPCs, added some new item rewards, and more!


In this next update you can expect to see little birds flying around islands! The new birds add, not only new wildlife to hunt, but a new sense of atmosphere to the game. There will be multiple colors of birds, some more rare than others. There will also be quest related items that you can get from birds such as feathers. We are also adding in the ability to make special arrows using the feathers you get from hunting birds!

Overall we think birds are going to add a fun new gameplay and aesthetic element to the game!

New NPCs and Items

This week we've also been working on getting some new quest related NPCs in and working. In addition to that we've been adding in some more new items. Some of these are related to the new quests and some are items you get from collecting bird feathers!

Thanks for reading and as always we'd love to hear your feedback!

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