This Week at Lavaboots: Challenge Chests!

12:05 PM Will Sterling 5 Comments

Ahoy mateys!

This week we've been working on a fun and new repeatable challenge for you to participate in along your pirate journey. We are calling this new content challenge chests. So let's hop right into what you can expect!

Pirate Challenge Chest

Now, whenever you visit a pirate island, you will come across a new unique looking chest. Unlike other treasure chests, this one cannot be opened with a key. Instead, you have to clear the island of all the pirates to unlock it. These chests will have some unique rewards different from normal chests so as to encourage you to loot them as well. There will also be different tiers of challenge chests depending on the island difficulty. 

Deer Challenge Chest

Get your bow ready. You will now have a similar opportunity to unlock chests in hunting shacks by hunting down all the deer on an island. As with the pirate chests, these will contain unique loot and rewards. You will also get better rewards for opening chests on larger islands. 


Each chest you open will have a guaranteed token drop: either a pirate token or a hunter token. You can collect these tokens and trade them into Sea Collectors for really nice and unique items. Speaking of the Sea Collector, he is going to have a lot of new items you are going to want to get, including some nice looking new ships! 

Additional Changes

This week we also added in a fun new cloak that allows you to glide in the air. This won't be easy to get and you'll have to figure out how on your own, but the reward is definitely worth it! We also added in some new arrow types that you can craft with feathers you get from hunting birds. These arrows have unique effects and will provide a good reason to try your bow skills against the islands new flying inhabitants. We are also still working hard on Sea Treasure and are making some good progress in that regard! 

As always, thanks for reading and let us know if you have any feedback or questions! 


  1. Always interesting to read your development blog. The glide cloak isn't just fun, it's amazing!Hope it's possible to glide from an island to another if they are close enough. Keep up the good work guys!!

  2. You guys are awesome, thank you for continuing to update and make this game more and more enjoyable. You really are in a league of your own! The new updates look fantastic!! THANK YOU

  3. r u guys still working on the multiplayer update?

    1. Yes! We are still working on that making good progress. We'll be posting some more info about that soon.

  4. This update it grate you guys I can tell you are working very hard and you are possibly working one some other things right know but I have some suggestions for you. my firs suggestion to you is that there need to be some weather in the game I mean this is a ship game and it won’t be complete without storms and another would be cooking. We need some way to cook thing one thing for that would be making like a very rare item in game by making it with ironite or a drop from a rare pirate maybe add some cooking quests in to the game like making smoked meat or preserving barrels to store your food in. My other suggestion to you is that for multiplayer you are going to need multiplayer ships like a Spanish Galleon but much larger than the Maiden so that It requires two or more people to operate but the ship suggestions are just a side note for you guys to consider. My final suggestion to you is that we need the big ships is the game to have a crows nest the ability for it is there but you just need to put it there. That’s all I have for you I hope that you consider some of my ideas.