Cartography Release Date and New Pirate Islands

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Ahoy mateys!

We've got a couple updates we'd like to give you today. First we wanted to let you know that our Cartography Update will be available on Steam this coming Monday (March. 28th). We also want to talk a bit about the next upcoming patch and what we have planned.

Cartography Update

This past week we've been polishing up bugs and preparing the Cartography Update for official release. We've almost got it ready to go and will be pushing the update out this Monday. This update contains a lot of features we've been wanting to add for quite some time now. 

First, it contains our brand new mapping system which allows you to create your own in-game charts. These charts allow you to add islands to grid squares, and then add icons and information to those islands. You can even upload your own icons!

We've also added a new player/quest journal in this update. This journal lets you create your own entries and sections so you can write down any information you find relevant. You may even just want to journal your adventure! This new journal also automatically updates with quest entries when you get quests in the game. 

In this update we've also made some small optimizations, bug fixes, added in new lore books, and even added a new NPC!

New Pirate Islands

With the Cartography Update almost ready to push, we've been working on brainstorming and designing the next update. Our next few updates will be adding in the remainder of the main story. One portion of this involves a brand new pirate island, so we're going to do this as a standalone update. 

We can't say for sure what all it will entail, but here's an overview of what we've got planned so far. 

These new islands are going to act as a kind of "endgame" pirate island. They will be tougher than any other islands and contain the best loot as such. These islands will have a few various types of pirates and even a Pirate King. In addition to more difficult npc's, these islands will have unique resources and the introduction of gold chests. 

We've got a lot of other ideas for these islands and will share more info as that update unfolds. 

Thanks for reading and as always let us know your thoughts!

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)

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