Update 1.7 - Cartographer's Journal is now on Steam

1:52 PM Will Sterling 3 Comments

Update 1.7 introduces a number of new major features that will aid you in your quest to explore the world of Salt. This update also provides some bug fixes, performance improvements, and new content.

New Player and Quest Journal

You now have at your disposal an in-game journal, which works both as a quest journal and a place to make your own notes. Open the journal by pressing ‘j’. It is divided into three sections. The first section, the “Main” section, is for you to add your own notes as you please. You have unlimited pages to make as many entries as you want. As well as normal entries, you can also make links to subsections within the journal, allowing you to keep things organized.

The second section section, the “Quest” section, is not editable. Instead, quest entries will automatically appear here as you find new quests, and complete quest tasks.

The third section, the “Map” section, can be edited as you please, but it also closely integrated with the map (see below). From your map, you can add notes the correspond to certain locations in the world. This section will store those notes.


The map has arrived to the world. Open it up by pressing ‘x’ or ‘m’. Keeping with the raw do-it-yourself style of Salt, this map starts out completely blank. It is up to you to fill out out as you travel. Mark location of islands as well as add icons that indicate what you find on those islands. As you explore and map the world, find ways to unlock new features and handy shortcuts within the map interface. As mentioned above, the map is also integrated with the journal to make it easy to make notes in your own words about what you find on the islands that you explore.

Button Changes

Be prepared to be thrown off kilter. Some controls have been changed. Most notably, the functions of left and right mouse clicks have been reversed. Left click is now performs the main interaction on items, while right click opens up the item details window. 

Also, the way you pick up placed items, such as those placed on your boats, has changed. You now press-and-hold the interact button (E by default).

More Lore

As well as adding some more lore books to the game, we have also flagged many of them as unique. This means that if you already own a particular lore book, it will no longer drop or be found in chests. This will both keep you from finding duplicates as well as making it more likely that you find a variety of lore books during your travels.

Revert to Last Manual Save Option

Some aspects of the game are saved when you manually save the game, but many things items, quest progress, and object on your boat are constantly saved. You now have the ability to revert the entire game back to how it was when you last saved the game manually. There is a checkbox to do so within the Load interface in Salt’s main menu.

Patch Notes

- Added Journal.
- Added a map.
- Added a new NPC to be found in the world.
- Most journals are now flagged as unique.
- You now press and hold the normal interact button to retrieve placed objects.
- Reduced the density of some cosmetic foliage on jungle islands to improve performance.
- You can no longer save the game while dead.
- Added option in main menu load interface to load the game as it was when you last manually saved it. This will revert all inventory changes back to that point.
- Made saving system more robust (less error prone).
- Some performance improvements.
- Swapped left and right click functions when interacting with items in your inventory. Left clicking now equips/activates the item while right clicking now brings up the item details window.
- Increased the resolution of some item icons.
- Added new lore books.
- Added a new quest.
- Ancient guardian rocks will once again deal damage.

- John Gamble (Lead Developer)


  1. Fantastic update. Really enjoying it. With all of this extra exploring due to cartography I got to thinking about being able to build small huts/makeshift homes. Do you think building will ever be introduced into Salt?

    Thank you, and keep up the great work! :)

    1. Definitely! We plan on doing some kind of settling/building in the future. Not sure exactly how extensive it will be, but it's something we plan on doing.

  2. Dear god, why have you done this?! Why must you let me write my own notes and roleplay too hard?!?!

    Honestly, i know that as soon as i get this back on my computer, the first hour is going to be me writing up a backstory for my character, including who he is, what he's doing, and what skills he has brought to the table to survive.

    Also, do we lose the notes when we die? I don't want to write out the backstory and lose it to a pirate.