Dev Update: New Pirate Islands

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Hey everyone!

We hope you guys are enjoying the recently released Cartography Update! We've been very excited to finally have that update out there so you can start mapping your world!

Today I want to talk about what our next update is going to look like and what you can expect.

Tier 3 Pirate Islands

With our next update we are introducing what we call tier 3 pirate islands. These islands will contain some of the toughest enemies in the game, and as such, some of the best loot. As we've mentioned before, right now we are focused on implementing the remainder of the main story and this update is part of that. 

We've been spending the past week designing and planning what the update will feature and what content the islands will contain. I want to just go over briefly some of our ideas and what you can expect from this update. 

New Enemies

As you can imagine, these new islands will feature brand new pirates and a new pirate boss. These enemies are going to pretty tough and provide quite a challenge. In some ways, we want these islands to act as sort of "end game" pirate islands if you will. You'll need to be well geared to adventure to these lands. 

Gold Chests

With this update we'll also be introducing gold chests that can be found on the new islands. These will require a gold key and contain some very nice loot. As of right now the plan is to have gold chests exclusive to tier 3 pirate islands, though we may expand upon this in the future. 

More Fish and Quests

We love fishing. So with this update we'll also be adding in some exclusive fish that can only be caught near these new pirate islands. In addition to new items and enemies, we are also going to be adding in new side quests relevant to these islands. 

New Lore

We try our best to chock Salt full of interesting, fun, and relevant lore. With this update we'll be adding exclusive lore books that can only be found on these islands. 

Stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks as we progress along this update!

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)

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  1. Just gotta love the game and you guys. It sound really good and I sure can't wait to surpass my 500-hour gameplay during this patch!