This Week at Lavaboots: Royal Guards, Music, and Visuals

7:05 AM Will Sterling 4 Comments

Hello fellow sea swabbies!

We wanted to give you guys an update as to what we've been working on this week. As you may know. our next update is going to feature a brand new pirate island. This new pirate island is going to be the toughest one yet, and as such have some nice loot.

Over the next few weeks we'll be revealing more details about the island as it develops. So let's dive into what's been going on this week!

New Pirate NPC's 

Royal. Majestic. Deadly. 

This week John has been hard at work designing some of the new pirates that will be featured on these islands. So far we've got quite a number of new pirates you can expect to see on these islands. Some will include Pirate Herbalists, Brutes, Royal Guards, and even a Pirate King. These NPC's will all have their own unique loot tables and rewards for defeating. But beware, they will be tougher than any pirates you've faced before. 

New Music

The Pirate King is a special pirate. So special in fact, that he gets his own music. This week I've been composing and designing new boss music for the Pirate King. I'm pretty proud of what we've got so far and I think you're going to like it. Boss music makes for much more epic battles and gives you a feeling of accomplishments. And trust me, killing a Pirate King will definitely feel like an accomplishment. 

New Visuals

This week Robert has been heavily focused on planning and designing the visuals of the new islands. We won't give away too much yet until it's finalized, but these islands will unique compared to other islands. We always want you to be able to spot a particular island type from off shore and these islands are no exception. 

Thanks for reading and let us know your thoughts! 

- Will Sterling (Sound Lead and Game Design)


  1. Is the Pirate King visually complete? I must say that he really looks like some "dark" pope. Very religious looking due to lack of colors.

    I love the work and plans you guys are into and can't wait to reach my glory 1000-hours with this update!

  2. I was thinking of a colony system. It would be interesting to be able to make my own colony and help it grow on an island :). Also i was thinking to add something scary on some islands with ancient ruins (like a poltergeist that hunts you down, your only safe place is the camp fire because it hates the light).

  3. I agree the pirate king looks like a pope! Maybe try for a blackbeard look? ( taller with a smoking beard)?

  4. May I suggest adding constellations? Or bright stars so you could plot your own constellations? Sailors have navigated using the stars in the past, and were able to tell the time of night by the way the Big Dipper was pointing. It'd be kinda cool.