Cartography Update on Testing Branch

4:41 PM Will Sterling 0 Comments

Hey everyone!

The Cartography Update is now available on the Steam testing branch. To join the testing branch, follow the instructions here. This update introduces our new in-game cartography system, allowing you to chart your world as you explore. If you haven't joined the testing branch yet, you can also try out the new player/quest journal!

To try out the map, hop in the game and press the 'm' key. You'll then be able to add islands to grid locations, and add icons to those islands. We've also linked up the journal so you can add journal sections and entries about a particular island.

We need your help finding bugs and polishing this up before the official push so please let us know anything you find! A great place to post your findings is on the testing branch forum.

Current Testing Branch Patch Notes

- Added a player journal.
- Added a map. The map starts out blank, so you will have to fill it out manually while you explore. You can open it by pressing ‘x’ or ‘m’. Note that this means that ‘x’ no longer works as an alternate button for ‘escape’.
- Added a new NPC to be found in the world.
- Most journals are now flagged as unique. This means that if you already have a particular journal item, then it no longer has a chance to drop.
- You now press and hold the normal interact button to retrieve placed objects.
- Reduced the density of some cosmetic foliage on jungle islands to improve performance.
- You can no longer save the game while dead.
- Added option in main menu load interface to load the game as it was when you last manually saved it. This will revert all inventory changes back to that point.
- Made saving system more robust (less error prone).
- Minor performance improvements.
- Swapped left and right click functions when interacting with items in your inventory. Left clicking now equips/activates the item while right clicking now brings up the item details window.
Increased the resolution of some item icons.